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Jamais Vu Update & huge thanks for 2021!


The Jamais Vu update is now available on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Please keep in mind that the update will roll out across various regions so it may not be available immediately. Thank you for your patience.

Patch numbers: PS4: 1.16, PS5: 1.0016, XBOX:, Switch: 1.04

  • New secret achievements – time to hunt!
  • Multiple fixes for crashes
  • Gigantic load time optimisations when switching scenes
  • Tons of minor bug fixes all across the game
  • Has Kim always been this hot?
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The static hisses in your ears as you slowly spin the dial. Nothing but warbling data from a planar anomaly. Is there anything at all? A small sadness creeps in.


Wait! Go back. Between your finger and thumb the hiss becomes a hum and your hairs stand to their end. You hear the sounds of waves roaring; a formidable chorus of water. A small splash, and then…

“… or weaker… now”

“… dying is an art.”

The static returns. But there is no doubt. A man’s voice, one you’ve never heard before, telling secrets from a place that could be anywhere and nowhere at all.

Jamais Vu All Platforms

We’re in the business of mysteries here at ZA/UM and so to celebrate the new year and thank you for a HARDCORE 2021 we’ve just added some new ones to Disco Elysium – The Final Cut. We’re calling this the Jamais Vu Update.

To discover what we’ve done we encourage you to play strangely and thoroughly. You’ll have to do your best sleuthing or get chatting to your fellow players to figure it all out.

We’ll give you a few clues to get you on your way. It is the season of giving, after all.

  • Perhaps it’s worth stopping a while to admire the scenery
  • The cold coastal waters are known to wash up the lost
  • Knock, knock, lieutenant
What might these be? Hmm…

Finally, we’d like to take the chance to take a look back at everything we did this year. It was a lot!

  • We added Russian to the game
  • Launched ZA/UM Atelier
  • Designed and created a bunch of new merch on our webstore
  • Launched a new website
  • Hosted a pop-up shop in London
  • PC Gamer selected Disco Elysium – The Final Cut as #1 in the annual Top 100 Rundown for the second year in a row!
  • Polish was added, bringing us to 10 supported languages
  • We also just announced that Turkish is on the way too!
  • We released The Final Cut which included:
  • Full English VO
  • Extra characters
  • Additional political vision quests
  • Controller support
  • UI changes
  • Bigger text and font size options
  • Performance upgrades
  • Streamer mode
  • Two new music tracks from the BAFTA-winning band Sea Power

Phew! One hell of a big year for us and one that we’ve been proud to share with you all. Your support helps us remain creative, to push ourselves, and to keep bringing you more surprises. So, go on, have another big thanks from us to you.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2022!

Love forever and always,