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Official Soundtrack by British Sea Power NOW AVAILABLE


The Official Soundtrack for Disco Elysium from British Sea Power is now available for all without having to own a copy of the game.

Original 28 songs composed by British Sea power for Disco Elysium – totalling 3 albums worth of music. Available in FLAC and MP3 320 kbps.

Disco Elysium soundtrack by the award-winning rock band British Sea Power exemplifies the ethos that made Disco Elysium an unforgettable experience. Pushing the idea of what games can be, artists from outside the industry have used their talents to show us new possibilities in interactive media. And this music is at the core of the experience. It is the heart of Martinaise, where everything beautiful is right there, just out of reach. It’s atmospheric — so much like home, but still with something to yearn for. It says everything the words can’t. Revachol is all right here, baby.

If you haven’t played Disco Elysium yet but are a fan of British Sea Power, please do check out the game!