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Vote for Disco Elysium in The Steam Awards! – + Fan Art Friday!


The Steam Awards are here!!

If you thought Disco Elysium was an instant classic, we would love for you to vote for us in the Game of The Year Category! Vote on the Disco Elysium store page or here –

And now for Fan Art!

If you read our last blog entry we mentioned that we’ve been delighted to have been inundated with incredible fan art from the game. Here are just a few of our favourites so far, and we’ll be sharing more in the future. Thank you to all the wonderful artists!

Enjoy! (PS. May contain spoilers!)

@arvydas_b on Twitter

Mart Virkus – @arcaderage on Twitter

Camila Gormaz – @burasto on Twitter and Instagram

Artyom Trakhanov – @ohotnig on Twitter

@wrroniec on Twitter

@Minoukatze1 on Twitter

Anne Yang – @AnneYang3D on Twitter

@ston_henge on Twitter

Otava Heikkilä – @Claystorks on Twitter

@foxmime on Twitter

Rubén Rodríguez – @RRuflse on Twitter

Swann Klein – @skpinataMAN on Twitter

Michael Swaim – @Swaim_corp on Twitter

@teamwreckloose on Twitter

@raevpet on Twitter

Which is your favourite?

Until next time!

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